Profile Vineyard La Torina Chile

La Torina Vineyard has been described by connoisseurs as a “Peti Châteaux” or a vineyard with a limited production on a terroir that guarantees quality, with vines that are over 50 years old and a special and delicate treatment in the winery.
La Torina Vineyard was planted im 1950 with vines brought from France and has been cared for by prestigious Chilean and foreign cine growers and enolgists, including Mr. Ricardo Vial Cox Ns. Laurence Ségat, an enological engineer from te University of Montpellier France.
La Torina Vineyard´s excellent quality earned it the Grand Gold Medal in the 2005 Catad´Or  Hyatt Wine Awards for its “Cabernet Sauvignon” wich competed with 110 vineyards im a blind tasting before a foreign jury.
La Torina Vineyard was awarded the Grand Gold Medal  twice more in the years 2008 and 2014.
La Torina Vineyard has an efficient and very personal administration, wih allows it to reach the market with premium quality  wines.